Smart Data, Intelligent Systems

Informagic is eager to test and evaluate new technologies. To see if promises can hold. We build prototypes and develop education material that help you understand the bits and bytes.
At the moment our focus is on Human Robotics and Smart Data.
The brands below are part of Informagic.

Linked Data Factory

Linked Data Factory creates Linked Data! We provide services for Semantic Web, Smart and Linked Data. We train, design and build vocabularies, convert your tabular data, take care of your triple store installation/configuration and provide user interface solutions.


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K.v.K.: 57148473
Bank: NL50 TRIO 0212 4837 49
Address: 6891 CP - 13, The Netherlands

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With Informagic we are not on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other SM. Instead, we are spending our time to innovate. However, you can find Lieke's profile on LinkedIn, and she has a blog on which she writes occasionally.

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